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Communication FailSafe

A complete Business Continuity and Cyber Attack Plan must include a way to easily and quickly communicate with your employees, partners, agents and customers using outside communication channels like SMS/MMS and eMail that are outside your normal channels.   Nteraction Communication FailSafe provides that channel.


When disaster strikes, let your constituents know what is happening and what you want them to do using all types of multimedia content including Text, Images, Videos and Documents.  Provide them with instructions so that your business can keep moving.  Include:

Built-in Multichannel Communication
Send Notifications and explicit instructions simultaneously over email, SMS/MMS and WhatsApp Worldwide.
Pre-built or Dynamic Templates
Setup pre-built campaigns or use our dynamic templates to instantly customize your message and instructions.
Multimedia Instructions
Utilize all types of multimedia content including Images, Text, Documents and Videos to instruct your constituents.
"Just in time" Education
Delivery not only Notification, but detailed instructions and education using your multimedia materials. Even Canva curated content.
Delivery and Use Confirmation and Tracking
Now you can know when a constituent opens the information, what they click on, and more through built-in analytics.
Deliver Outage, Update and All Clear Notifications
Using Nteraction Communication FailSafe, you can deliver multimedia information throughout the incident lifecycle.

When all else fails, now you have a way to communicate with your stakeholders.  Send an SMS/MMS text directly to all of their mobile devices with details of your outage and what you want them to do in order to continue business operations.  Try Nteraction Communication FailSafe today!

How It Works

A No-code SaaS Platform with built in Analytics

Quickly Build Instructional Campaigns

With no coding, you can leverage all of your multimedia content to build instructional and educational notification campaigns.

Pre-build Instructional Templates

With no coding required, build reusable templates containing your multimedia content to instruct, educate and update.

Send instructions over multiple channels

Simultaneously send emails, SMS/MMS texts, and WhatsApp messages at scale through built in Nteraction services.

Monitor utilization through built in Analytics

Confirm a recipient opened the instructional campaign, know if they clicked on links or forwarded on to someone else.

Watch a video overview and short demonstration

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